Velociter Group provides overseas sourcing and manufacturing access to customers who do not have the time, resources or in-house expertise to source products outside their home country.

The ability to take advantage of lowest total cost sourcing can deliver bottom-line improvement to your company's financial performance, allow your company to increase production of finished products without additional investment in PP&E and position your company to be more cost competitive in your marketplace.

The professionals at Velociter Group have over 30 years of experience across a wide range of industries, products and markets.
  • Stampings (including progressive die and deep draw)
  • Castings
  • Forged Steel Parts
  • CNC Parts
  • Extrusion Profiles, Pipes and Tubes (Steel, Bronze and other metals and plastics)
  • Plastic Injection Molds
  • Plastic Injection Parts
  • Mechanical Assemblies (including welded assemblies)
  • Building Products (Granite, Flooring, Plumbing Fixtures, Balusters, Tile)
  • Commercial Glass (Tempered, Laminated, Insulating, Mirrors)
  • Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes
  • Tools and Implements
  • Much more...
Our process of locating, qualifying, negotiating and delivering products can be applied to any industry.

Let Velociter Group show you how to get the most out of overseas sourcing with the least amount of risk and effort. 

Contact: Info@Velociter.US or Phone: +1 (817) 753-2113

Contact Velociter Group at +1 (817) 753-2113 or via e-Mail at Info@Velociter.US
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