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Fact: Sometimes a dirt-floor shop CAN meet your quality requirements....

From simple local shops, to state-of-the-art factories with modern, precision equipment and processes, Velociter Group matches your products Quality requirements to the appropriate manufacturing location.

"Cost of Quality"

You may have heard the expression, "Cost of Quality"?  In the manufacturing business, these three simple words describe the difficult trade-offs between Quality, Cost and Schedule. 
  • Does your product need to be manufactured to extreme tolerances?
  • Do you require testing and traceability of materials?
  • Or... Do you just need the product to show up on time and work consistently?
Velociter Group understands the balance between these elements and will work with you to make the appropriate choices.  Our manufacturers range from old-school shops to ultra-modern ISO and QS registered facilities with industry leading quality programs.

Let Velociter Group help you find the right combination of Quality, Cost and Schedule for your program.
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