Velociter Group focuses on sourcing, cost and delivery.  But, as you know, there are many other critical factors involved in a successful program.  Velociter Group can provide as much hands-on service as you require.

House-Branding/Private Labeling
  • Would you like to put your company name on a product that you didn't design?
  • We've done it with Computer and Surveillance equipment, we can do it with just about anything!
  • Example:  A surveillance equipment customer identified a market niche for cameras with wireless capability.  In addition to offering his customers the big-name brands, he purchased an off the shelf design from our overseas manufacturer, put his company logo on it and sold it in his shop.  Not only did his customers get a lower price, his company made a higher dollar profit per unit sold!!
Packaging, Kitting & Documentation
  • Do you want your products to arrive ready to be delivered to your customers?
  • Do you need your logo on the box?
  • Do you have specialized labeling or lot tracking requirements?
  • Do your imported products ship with publications or other documentation?
  • Do your documents have non-English language requirements?
  • Do you have other special packaging needs?
  • Just tell us what you need and we'll make it happen!
Inventory Levels & Production Runs
  • Are you wary of long lead times for overseas products?
  • Don't want to have too much material in the pipeline?
  • Velociter can arrange production runs and delivery schedules to meet your requirements.
  • Let Velociter put our expertise in just-in-time supply to work for you!
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