Velociter Group specializes in the manufacturing of made-to-print components and assemblies fabricated from metals and plastics. 

Overseas manufacturing is not solely a matter of finding the cheapest price.  It is a process that encompasses thoroughly understanding Customer requirements, matching those requirements to the right manufacturers and matching the best combination of cost and quality to satisfy Customer requirements.  

We manage high-quality, low-cost suppliers across a wide range of industries.  Below is just a partial list of the product areas where we have experience. 
If you need a product that's not on this list, we can almost certainly help you locate  it.

Metal Products
  • Stamped, Cast, CNC, Forged, Extruded, Machined, Turned, Welded, Assembled.....
  • Most grades of steel, aluminum, brass and other materials
  • Stainless, Aluminum and Bronze Pipes
  • Any thickness (well... almost any)
  • Powder coated, galvanized, heat treated, zinc plated, anodized, primed, painted...
  • Manufactured to your specifications by ISO and QS registered manufacturers
  • Delivered as finished goods or ready to assemble
Contact Velociter Group at +1 (817) 753-2113 or via e-Mail at Info@Velociter.US
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Building Products and Commercial Glass
  • Granite and Marble (slabs, cut-to-order and tile)
  • Decorative wood and metal products (Fence, balusters, corbels)
  • Tempered, Insulated, Laminated, Carved and Art Glass (CCC or SGCC/ANSI)
  • Ornamental Gates and Fence
Plastic Injection Molding - Tooling and Parts .....
  • Top-quality tooling
  • Finished parts from a wide selection of brand-name and competitively priced raw materials